To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

Injection in DogEach day we see clients who present their beloved companions to us and trust that we will help guide them to make wise decisions for their care.  There is no question vaccines prevent the spread of disease.  However, which vaccines should be given and how often?

The answer is no longer simple.  Years ago every pet recieved a relatively similar battery of core vaccines regularly and regardless of their risk of exposure.  Over time, vaccines were modified to provide protection for longer duration.  Things change.  Just as we no longer wear bell bottoms, have afro hairstyles and platform shoes – although these fashion icons seem to be making a comeback – trends come and go.  So where does that leave us now?

It’s all about choice.  Fantastic!  Another thing you need to make time for.  Perhaps you can squeeze it in between brushing your teeth and showering.  We try to make it easy on you.  Remember that “exam fee”?  Ah ha!  Now we’ve got you.  We are trying to educate you on what is available vs. what your pet needs.  For example – take “Jaws” the 15 year old chihuahua who has never stepped a perfectly polished toe nail on grass and eats little children for breakfast.  Jaws may not need more than a rabies vaccine.  “Doofus” the 2 year old chocolate lab and dog park regular on the other hand, should be vaccinated for Canine Influenza, Lyme, Kennel Cough, etc.  There are many vaccines available.  We are also seeing viruses reoccurring that we haven’t seen in years (Leptospirosis).  The key here is education.

So next time you are in for your visit, feel free to ask us about your pet’s vaccine protocol.  Remember, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.  Don’t worry, we don’t bite – we leave that up to Jaws.