April Fools’ Day Fun for Pet Owners

Maked superhero dog on lookoutAre you the office jokester who always comes up with the best April Fools’ pranks? Or the one who is skilled in fooling the family every year? It seems many of us get into the spirit of April Fools’ Day by playing tricks on the people closest to us.

For pet lovers, involving a favorite fur friend in the festivities seems natural. And, many pets love getting in on the fun. As long as the joke is ethical and safe, there’s no reason why our canines, felines, and other pets can’t help us out in a little innocent and hilarious trickery to celebrate this most mischievous of days.

To help inspire you, here are some April Fools’ options that will delight your friends, family, and fur buddies. Continue…

Those Pearly Whites: Why Pet Dental Care Is Important

Mountainview_iStock_000018323086_FullThe connection between your pet’s teeth and his or her overall health is often overlooked by pet owners. Fortunately for your pet, the cultural tide surrounding pet dental care is changing and many pet owners are starting to accept this additional responsibility of pet ownership.

The impact dental care has on your pet’s whole body wellness is truly nothing short of astonishing. Let’s explore why… Continue…