Understanding Pet Depression and Beating Back To School Blues

MtnView_iStock_000015117537_LargeSummer is coming to a close and the start of the academic calendar is upon us. The excitement for families doesn’t always transfer to the family pet, and without the high-energy squeals of delight, extra cuddles, or surreptitious nibbles of peanut butter beneath the table, an actively engaged pet can get a little blue.

Pet depression is very real, and can become obvious to pet owners at the start of each school year. Let’s beat the back to school blues with our tried and true coping methods.

Confused And Lonely

Your pet loves to be in your company (or in the presence of your entire family) and there are few things that compare with his or her smile and happy antics. That wagging tail, floppy, hanging-out tongue, or a perfectly executed head butt or shin rub…your pet loves you – and loves to be loved by your family. Continue…