Outward Bound: Summer Pet Activities Your Fur Friend Will Love

dog sitting on rock by glacier lakeNothing says summer like time spent under the sunny skies, whether spiking a volleyball or working on the biggest cannonball splash at the local pool. And as a pet guardian, it is likely you’ll want to come up with some summer pet activities that are sure to be awesomely entertaining, too.

Luckily there are plenty of safe and enjoyable outdoor options for the adventurous fur friend and pet guardian.

The Great Outdoors

New Jersey is blessed with a number of natural areas, like Allamuchy Mountain Park, Jackson Avenue River Park, and Farny State Park, along and close proximity to mountains, lakes, and beaches. Continue…

Happily Ever After: What To Know About Including A Pet In The Wedding

MtnView_iStock_000064736565_LargeSpring has arrived, which means wedding season is also in full bloom. For many couples, gatherings of family and friends would not be complete without a beloved pet (or two!) in the mix. Including pets in life’s important milestones has become increasingly popular in recent years, and more and more and more couples are involving their dog, cat, cockatiel, llama, or bearded dragon lizard as part of the ceremony.

There is a lot of planning and preparation involved with having an animal present at an important event. Keep the following important ideas in mind as you create your ideal day.

What To Consider Before Including Your Pet In The Wedding

Weddings are all about planning! Take these tips into consideration before deciding whether or not to include your pet in the wedding: Continue…