Understanding the Proposed New Jersey Cat Declawing Ban

Cat ClawsDid you know that lawmakers in our great state are pushing through legislation that may make declawing your cat illegal? Keep reading to learn what you need to know about the proposed cat declawing ban facing New Jersey.

Understanding the Controversy Behind the Cat Declawing Ban

People have chosen to have their cats declawed almost as long as cats have been kept as pets. Just because it is a long-standing practice, however, does not mean it is without controversy.

Many people fail to understand what actually happens when a cat is declawed. The surgical procedure, called an onychectomy, involves disarticulating the last joint in each toe, removing the last bone in each digit. A cat who is front declawed undergoes ten amputations. Removing this bone does affect the way that a cat functions and moves, and although pain in cats is difficult to detect, it is likely painful in the short-term.