An Abundance of Fall Pet Safety Tips and Tricks

There’s a noticeable crisp in the air these days. Acorns are falling and animals everywhere are preparing for the long frost. The sights, smells, and temperatures of autumn have not escaped the scrutiny of your observant pet. In fact, he or she may be busily anticipating all that fall has to offer. Romps in leaf piles, squirrel chases, or bird watching are prime autumnal activities, but catastrophes can occur when fall pet safety takes the backburner.

Dim to Dark

The earlier twilight hours close in on extended walks in the evening. Plan ahead to accommodate your dog’s needs by getting out earlier. Be sure to gear up with reflective vests, blinking lights, and even booties to protect the paws from cold or wet asphalt.

Aches and Pains

Speaking of cold, wet weather, provide soft, cushy bedding for your senior or arthritic pet. Be sure to eradicate chilling drafts, install ramps, and provide access to insulating blankets.

Are We There Yet?

Dogs and cats used to company throughout the day may feel a bit lonely now that school and afternoon activities are in full swing. Schedule a dog walker or pet sitter to play with your pet or make sure they have enough things to play with. Food puzzles are always a win!

Outdoor Fall Pet Safety

You might be distracted with hanging up storm windows when your pet gets into your storage shed or garage accidentally. For the best in fall pet safety, tidy up any containers of chemicals like antifreeze, fertilizer, insecticide, or rodenticide. If you’re unable to keep your pet out of these areas, check that there aren’t any hazards. Lastly, instill in your pet that he or she shouldn’t hang out in there.

Garden Dangers

Fall is a great time to plant spring bulbs, but if you have a dog who enjoys digging them up, try not to plant daffodils, tulips, crocus, or hyacinth. Even if your pet ignores the bulbs, they can still present dangers once they grow (the stem is toxic as well).

Parasites Still Lurk

If you have any questions about your pet’s parasite prevention, please contact us. Because of the life cycle of fleas, ticks, and heartworm, it’s vital that your pet remain on a year-round preventive.

Hectic Halloween

There’s a lot to love about All Hallows Eve. However, there are, of course, many fall pet safety rules to enforce ahead of time. For starters:

  • Keep your pet away from the constantly ringing doorbell if he or she is stressed out by it or shows an interest in bolting out the door (by the way, is your pet microchipped?). If your pet’s behavior warrants it, turn your lights off to discourage trick-or-treaters.
  • If your pet is relaxed and calm about Halloween and you think he or she will wear a costume for the festivities, be sure that it fits well (not too tight or too loose), is breathable, can be taken off easily, and has no dangling parts.
  • Keep all candies out of reach. Chocolate, macadamia nuts, raisins, and Xylitol are all toxic to pets.
  • Halloween decor looks nice to us but if any of it can be chewed or consumed, please do not display it. Candy wrapper and lollipop sticks can become GI blockages in no time.
  • Jack o’lanterns look just as scary with an LED votive candle in place of a real flame.

You Can Still Have Fun

Autumn provides a lot of wonderful moments to share with your pet. Once your fall pet safety regulations are firmly in place, you can really step back and enjoy the season’s abundance.

If you have any questions or concerns about fall pet safety, please let us know.