Best Friends Forever: The Ins And Outs Of Choosing A Pet

choosing a petAdopting a new pet is not only one of the most exciting and meaningful times in life, it’s also an important decision with lasting effects. With the holidays on the horizon, many families are inevitably considering a new, four-legged addition to the family, and your friends at MountainView Veterinary Hospital want to help you in any way we can when it comes to choosing a pet.

Family Life

The number of people in your family, their ages, and your family’s schedule should be a major factor in choosing a pet.

All pets require daily care, but some need much more attention than others (for example, dogs need daily walks and training, whereas cats are more independent). Make sure you understand the various requirements of the different species and breeds before you make your choice.

Perhaps a smaller critter might be a good starter-pet for young kids or even adults! Domesticated rats, mice, guinea pigs, bearded dragons can all make great pets as long as they are handled, cared for and housed properly. Research all pet options before making any impulse adoptions or purchases!


How much room you have in your home and yard is another important factor in choosing a pet. For example, larger or higher energy breeds may not be the right choice for those living in apartments and condominiums but even some smaller, yappier pets might lead to noise complaints. It all depends on the pet and your situation – consider fostering a pet for a few weeks from a local rescue organization to see if they are a good fit!

Cats should live indoors for their health, safety, and longevity, but access to the outdoors becomes important when you choose to adopt a dog. If you have an outdoor space, is it enclosed or will a dog need to be supervised?


Although there is no way to truly predict how much a pet will cost over the course of their  life, purebred animals  tend to strain the pocketbook more than mixed breed pets. Not only is the upfront cost of purchasing a purebred pet higher, but also they tend to have more inherited health issues than mixed breeds.

Does your pet of choice need weekly feedings of hay, crickets or fresh greens? Do they need heat lamps, specialty enclosures or other specifications? These things can add up quickly – do your homework and check your pocketbook before making a decision.

Choosing A Pet

The type of relationship you want to have with your pet should also be taken into consideration. Dogs generally require significantly more attention and interaction, whereas cats, while still social animals, tend to be a bit more independent, in general.

Consider Adoption

You can make a positive impact on the plight of homeless animals by choosing to adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue organization. Breed specific rescues exist for almost every breed, and workers are usually able to match up prospective adoptees with the perfect pet. Again, consider short-term fostering to get a better idea of how things might be moving forward. Animal shelters are always in need of foster homes and you’ll be helping an animal in need, making space at the shelter for another animal waiting for rescue while getting a better idea of how this pet might fit with your lifestyle. Not the right fit at first? sometimes it takes a little time to adjust to one another – on the other hand, you’ve offered a safe space for a pet temporarily and can always foster another pet (and another and another) until you DO find the right match!

We Can Help!

We are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect pet for your family. Give us a call anytime!