New Pet? No Problem!

new pet wellnessYou’ve finally done it! After lots of soul searching, research, and preparation, your new pet is finally ready to come home. Congratulations! But where do you go from here?

Whether you’re adopting your first pet or adding to your brood, the team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital has you covered. We hope our tips will help you and your new pet make a smooth and successful transition from virtual strangers to beloved family.

New Pet Basics

Providing your new pet with a healthy and supportive home environment is essential to their long term health and well being. Give your new pet the best chance for success by making sure you consider the following factors:

  • Supplies – Gather everything you need before your new pet arrives, including bedding, toys, collar/leash, and crate/kennel.
  • Nutrition – Choose a high quality commercial pet food that caters to your pet’s size, energy level, and life stage (puppy/kitten, adult, or senior). Try to keep your pet on the diet they’re used to when they first arrive in your home; make changes slowly over the next several weeks to avoid gastrointestinal upset.
  • Pet proofing – Take a discerning look around your home and make sure it’s cat or dog proofed. Pay close attention to hazards, such as electrical cords, houseplants (some are toxic to pets), garbage cans, inadequate food storage, and valuable or breakable items.
  • Schedule – Pets, like people, thrive on routine. Strive to keep mealtimes, potty breaks, walks, and play times on a schedule. Your new pet will take comfort in knowing what to expect each day.
  • Microchipping – Microchipping increases the chances of a successful reunion should your pet ever become lost. Give us a call for more details.
  • Training/socializing – Pets of all ages can benefit from professional training and socialization classes. Your veterinarian is happy to provide guidance as you determine the right training path for your pet.

Pets and Kids

No matter how much (or how loudly) your kids have been begging for a pet, the realities of life with a dog or cat are often much different than what they had imagined. Help your kids and new pet develop a meaningful bond by setting clear ground rules for safe handling of the pet and age-appropriate pet care responsibilities. Make sure your new pet is given plenty of downtime each day to recuperate, away from human family members if necessary.

More to Love

Introducing your new pet to one that’s already living in your home can present some unique challenges. Start by keeping your new pet “quarantined” in a private area of the home, and don’t let pets spend time together unsupervised at first. Keep meetings short and positive; make sure the animals are separated during feeding times and that desirable items, such as toys or bedding, are removed during this introductory period.

Don’t Forget to Visit Us!

One of the best ways to set a solid foundation for your new pet’s health and longevity is to make sure they see us for a wellness checkup as soon as possible. Give us a call to make an appointment. We can’t wait to meet your newest family member!