New Year, New Goals: Pet Weight Loss Tips to Get Back on Track

Pet weight loss can help keep pets healthy

For many of us who live in colder climates, seasonal weight gain is a fact of life. Unfortunately, our pets can also be affected. Less time outdoors and more time snuggled up on the couch can quickly lead to excess pounds, which are often difficult to shed.

Losing weight is rarely easy, but maintaining a healthy weight can add years to your pet’s life. The start of a new year is the perfect time to evaluate your pet’s lifestyle, starting with these pet weight loss tips from the team at Mountainview Veterinary Hospital!


A Weighty Matter: Battling Pet Obesity

pet obesityImages of portly pups and chubby cats are practically everywhere we turn these days, and it’s hard to deny the cuteness of these sweet pets. The problem of overweight pets is no laughing matter, however. Overweight animals can succumb to many of the same health problems as overweight and obese humans, including heart disease, high blood pressure, joint pain, cancer, and diabetes.

With over 50% of U.S. pets falling into the overweight or obese categories, the time to act on this problem is now. Your team at Mountainview Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to helping pet owners learn more about the problem of pet obesity.