Home Again: Microchipping Your Pets

pet microchip

The American Humane Society estimates that 10 million pets are lost in the U.S. each year. They also estimate that 1in 3 pets will be lost at some point during their lifetime. Sadly, of these missing pets, only 2% of cats and 30% of dogs are ever reunited with their owners.

However, if your pet has a microchip, these statistics begin to look a little less scary. In fact, cats with a microchip have a 39% chance of being reunited with their owner, and 52% of microchipped dogs eventually find their way home again.

It’s clear that microchipping in pets is a good idea. Let the team at Mountainview Veterinary Hospital share more about what this process entails and how microchips work. Continue…

The Long View: How to Tell if Your Senior Pet Suffers from Chronic Disease

Brown and White Mixed Breed DogAnimals age faster than we do, making senior pet care extra important. Once a pet reaches the age of 7, we begin to screen for common chronic diseases, allowing us the chance to catch any problems as early as possible. But, if you are between your senior pet’s wellness appointments, do you know what signs to look for?

Common Chronic Diseases

Domestic cats and dogs can lead long, full lives without any complications. However, it’s equally as common for aging animals to develop one (or more) of the following chronic diseases: Continue…