Veterinary Care for Senior Pets

At Mountainview Veterinary Hospital, we understand that animals age at a much faster and more dramatic rate than humans because their projected life span is quite a bit shorter. An older pet (greater than seven years of age), may be more prone to serious health problems such as diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, and heart disease. We know what an important part of the family your pet has become over the years, so we strive to keep him as healthy as possible. Mountainview Veterinary Hospital is able to offer a geriatric program for your pet. This program will allow us the opportunity to screen animals for serious health problems rather than waiting for obvious signs of tragic illness. The geriatric program also serves to establish baseline values for pets. The normal healthy values may be used for a comparison in the future if your pet does happen to develop a disease or illness.

Mountainview Veterinary Hospital also provides end of life counseling. If you think it may be “time” and you are not sure where to turn, you are not alone. Call us to schedule an appointment for the doctor to perform a thorough physical exam. We will then discuss what options are available to you. Let us help you through this difficult time.