Surgical Solutions for Dogs & Cats

The veterinary staff at Mountainview Veterinary Hospital understands the vital importance of advancing our knowledge and technical skills to reflect recent discoveries in the field. As our doctors continually progress, keeping all medical certifications up to date, they also require that our facility’s technologies represent the cutting edge of medicine.

As such, we are extremely proud of our modern surgical suites and in-house laboratory, which are equipped with advanced technologies to ensure your pets receive the highest and safest quality of diagnostic and surgical care.

Our doctors possess a wide range of surgical experience, having performed common surgical procedures on a regular basis and more advanced surgical interventions for less common ailments.

Common Surgical Procedures

  • Ovarian hysterectomies (more commonly known as spaying)
  • Neutering
  • Declawing (also known as onchiectomy)
  • Benign or malignant tumor removal

We Are a Resource for You and Your Pet

Our professional, compassionate staff understands that pet surgery can feel overwhelming for families and patients. One of our practice’s defining characteristics is our deep commitment to keeping you informed about your pet’s options, especially if surgery is recommended. We’ll work with you to find the best solutions for your pet’s care.

Understanding Anesthesia and How It Affects Your Pet

Our surgical staff is ready and willing to field a number of the questions you may have about your pet’s procedures. If you have concerns about your dog or cat’s safety while under anesthesia, you’re not alone. Here is a basic walkthrough:

Pets undergoing anesthesia receive a pre-medication treatment that numbs their mouth. Then, an induction agent is given, as well as an anesthetic in the form of a gas. During this entire procedure, your pet’s safety is an utmost priority, and a licensed veterinary technician will be with the pet 100% of the time, monitoring your pet’s vital signs with an EKG and carbon-heating unit.

Preparing Your Pet for Surgery

Our staff will be there for you and your pet at every step prior to your pet’s surgery. Your pet’s comfort is our priority. Our doctors may provide you with specific instructions prior to your pet’s operation. However, a couple of the things you can do to better prepare your pet in the days before surgery is to keep your pet relaxed and on a healthy diet.